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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Off-the-Shelf Digital Lending Software Preferred by Banks Over Partnerships

In the American Banker article today, Banks Have the Need for Speed in Small Business Lending,” David O’Connell of the Aite Group says the emergence of more turnkey digital lending providers is giving banks the option to use off-the-shelf technology rather than referral partnerships.  He documents the preference for turn-key digital technology for bank digital lending rather than partnerships as a key trend for 2019.

We at RCGILTNER provide digital lending technology so FIs can serve their customers with technology they own, they control and under their brand and underwriting.  We provide the technology, proven processes and documented underwriting.  Best of all, we are one few turn-key providers that provides digital technology for monitor new and existing loans, and offers both small business and consumer services.

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Monday, January 7, 2019

MinuteLender® Digital Strategy for FIs Outperforms Industry

Comparative data shows that the MinuteLender® digital lending strategy provided by RCGILTNER gets much higher consumer loan approvals and accepted loans that the industry average according to TransUnion.

Consumer Personal Loans

Why?  Because MinuteLender® unique targeting leverages customer checking information at your bank or elsewhere, provides an application completion and offer in under one minute, and all closing documents integrated and e-sign in just minutes.  All can be done in-branch or out, and even with real-time funding options.

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Banks Respond as Online Lenders Capture One in Four Small Business Loans

The latest FRB Survey of Small Business reports that one if four small businesses apply to an online lender, growing steadily from just 20% two years ago.  The reason is borrowers report faster speed, simplicity and flexibility compared to large and small bank lenders.

No doubt this is why competitors are now offering all-digital small business loans, such as PNC’s entirely digital small business loan, US Bank’s digital small business loan and Wells Fargo.  But many community banks today provide an all-digital small business lending experience using RCGILTNER’s Business MinuteLender®, such as $3B Centier of Indiana, $1.3B First Northern Bank of California or $600 MM The Fauquier Bank of Virginia.  Loans are provided digitally in minutes all under their brand, their underwriting, their compliance and their control.  RCGILTNER provides the technology.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Digital Lending Now Required for FIs

Shawna Bellone of the CUNA Mutual Group provides great insight in “Delivering Long-Term Value Through Digital Lending.”  She points out, “Lenders should no longer question whether or not to invest in digital lending but focus on how to deliver long-term value.”  She offers that digital lending long-term value is driven by three factors starting with digital technology but including customer experience and FI data.
 MinuteLender® for consumers and small business exactly matches this platform.  Our digital technology first automates existing deposit and other data FIs have on customers to automate an application and loan offer or disposition in seconds, in-branch or out.  All documents are integrated with e-sign, with real-time funding options.  The result of leveraging digital technology and data is a customer experience where they can get a loan and have in funded in real-time in a store or online to make a purchase or payment in minutes!

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Digital Credit Monitoring Key to Digital Lending Success

As digital lending technology grows in use to profitably provide loans to small businesses and consumers, credit monitoring is a key.  While many are automating the front-end loan process, digital credit monitoring of new and existing loans can have the biggest profitability and efficiency impact in using digital technology.  Prior to digital technology, our clients report spending hours a week monitoring existing small business loans which can be fully automated with our digital lending technology.

About 40% of business loan relationships are under $50k, and automated and digital monitoring is required to profitably serve these relationships.  Automated measurement of owner-guarantor credit, revenue and deposit activity, transaction activity including NSFs and loan usage and activity is provided for exception analysis and immediate reporting.  This saves officers and portfolio managers time so they can focus on acquiring new customers.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Centier Exceeds $3 Million in Profitable, All-Digital Small Business Loans

Centier Bank, headquartered in Merrillville, IN, has generated over $3MM in small business loans, all $50,000 or less at average rates of over 10% with RCGILTNER’s all-digital lending suite for small business loans.

Jonathan reports as Centier Bank vice president, for commercial loans and  small business, “ We did not make money on small business loans under $100k, and we were weeks in customer service.  Our all-digital process allows us to do loans in minutes with a strong profit model, great customer service and superior efficiency.”

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

$650MM Fauquier Bank Generates $400k in All Digital, Self-Service Loans in One Month

The Fauquier Bank, $650 million in assets, headquartered in Warrenton, VA, reported very strong digital loan production in August, generating over $400K in new loans without loan officer involvement using RCGILTNER’s digital lending platform.   

Chip Register, Chief Administrative Officer and CIO stated,  "For the last 15 months, we've experienced steady traffic on our bank-branded sites for both consumer and small business loans and expect to exceed $3 million in this portfolio by the end of the year. These are loans we would not otherwise have gotten because it's all self-service - extremely efficient.  Customers drive the interaction, it's completely online, powered by an automated credit decision matrix set to our specifications, which delivers instant decisions and allows us to quickly fund loans for customers seeking speed and convenience - 24 hours a day!"

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