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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The American Banker reports in Commercial Banking Innovation that “smaller banks are discovering that by upgrading their technology they can more efficiently serve and better complete for commercial clients.”

Where is the biggest opportunity for community banks?  Its in more efficiently handling and serving the largest market opportunity of loan relationships under $100k.  These loan relationships are over half of all business loans and one-third of the business loans on community banks balance sheets.  Digital lending creates a profitable strategy for this segment.

Discover as other community banks have the opportunity with MinuteLender.®  We generate a loan offer in under a minute in-branch or anywhere on a smart device or computer, and fully consummate the loan in under 5 minutes with e-sign.  No paper is generated, and all is done under your brand, for your loans, using your underwriting, and under your compliance and control.

Bob Giltner Presents Small Business MinuteLender®

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