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Monday, March 5, 2018

MinuteLender® Drives HELOC and Home Improvement Lending Results

Banks like $1B Planters Bank are looking ways to grow home improvement loans and HELOCs.  MinuteLender® can complete an application, approval and loan documents of an unsecured home improvement loan in five minutes.  Others are leveraging our online HELOC full pre-approvals in a minute.  All can be done on a mobile smart device or computer, inside the branch or out.  This speed and simplicity drives more loan volume from new customers and current mortgage referrals, both for secured HELOCs and unsecured loans in minutes.

MinuteLender® can provide a pre-approved offer with an automated credit application and approval or disposition including adverse action all automated in a minute.  Reg B and Reg C allow for changes or adjustment based on collateral documentation and verification.  It uses a hard pull credit information and debts on a customer. and their interest.  The loan is considered an obligation of the FI unless collateral on further analysis identifies collateral or title deficiencies not reported by the customer.  Loan closing, any final property valuation, title search, other underwriting and document closing execution occurs through the FI. 

For an unsecured home improvement loan, MinuteLender® provides a completed loan decision or disposition including adverse action in a minute.  Further, it presents loan documents and fully completes the loan with e-sign in five minutes.

For more information on leveraging MinuteLender for HELOCs and home improvement loans visit

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