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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Fully Automate New Start Loan Program with MinuteLender®

Many financial institutions provide a 0% interest New Start Loan to customers unable to clear up their overdrawn accounts.  The loan allows the customer to recover from a deficit balance while continuing to use their checking account.

However, these programs have typically required manual delivery and management of this loans in an inefficient manner.  MinuteLender® provides a fully automated, compliant solution with invitation-only loans to customers who meet the overdrawn status and criteria.  All is e-signed on a smart device, in-branch or out, in minutes by the customer.  $850 MM Two Rivers Bank and Trust is implementing the New Start Loan digital process as part of implementing  MinuteLender® for consumers and small business.

MinuteLender® generates a loan application in 15 seconds, provides a loan offer or disposition in 30 seconds, and executes all loan documents and completion in minutes, in-branch or out, all digitally on a smart or mobile device.  All is under the FIs control of branding, underwriting, compliance, and control for loans on their books.  Visit us at RCGILTNER Services, Inc. to learn more.


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