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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Digital Suite of Real-Time Mobile Technology for the Loan and Overdraft Liquidity Market

Overdraft liquidity revenue has bounced back in the industry with major revenue opportunities for community banks that manage compliance well.  Further, new OCC/FDIC guidance supports profitable small dollar loans, and digital technology now makes consumer lending efficient and profitable.  Loans and funds are now provided in real times.  Digital, mobile and real-time are providing to product and segmentation opportunities.

However, many community banks are not capitalizing on the revenue growth, customer service benefits and compliance enhancements available through new technology and processes. Others are leveraging new digital and mobile technology, best practices, operating processes and customer segmentation to achieve significant fee and revenue growth. They can provide a suite of mobile services to fund loans in minutes, get a “safe” and profitable small loan without a credit score or access check overdraft availability or access funds in minutes regardless of REG E status. 
Is your customer's debit card declined at a restaurant or store and your opted out?  No problem, cash a check accessing your overdraft funds on your mobile device and funds are in the account in minutes to for the restaurant or store transaction.  Compliance is enhanced by providing the customer choice and options, all under their control.

For more information, contact RCGILTNER Services, Inc.

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